Math Research Colloquium - November 9-11, 2018

Registration is open on the website Workshops page!

As fall arrives, we look forward to gathering with Math teachers at the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan to share experiences of student learning!  For the second year we have collected and published Ten Theorems, invited you to work with them in the classroom, and to write up a description of your research.

Which of the ten theorems are you most intrigued by?  Would you like to share your teaching experience with one of The Ten Theorems Take Two at the Math gathering in November?

If so, please register as a “researcher” on the “workshops page” of the website.  You will be asked to include a short description of your project, so that we can plan our time together.  In November you will give a brief presentation on your work.

If you are interested in delving into aspects of teaching and learning math, but are not ready to participate as a researcher, you are welcome to attend, and register as a “participant”. Participants will contribute to the costs of the workshop, and can do this online.

On the “workshops page” you can find leading questions for your inquiry, a description of the research project, “The Ten Theorems - Take Two”, and details about the weekend event in November. 

For the 2018 Math Colloquium, our theme is to observe how students approach problems differently at different stages of their development, for instance in class 6 and class 9.   We hope to gain insights into the different qualities of thinking and how they change over time.