Formally incorporated in 2008, the Center for Contextual Studies is an initiative dedicated to what one might term spiritual insurgency or evolutionary revolution. The work of the Center has grown up exclusively around the initiatives of those involved in it and focuses on finding appropriate ways to meet the questions that arise out of the work of its members. This is intentional. Anthroposophical research must always be grounded in real encounters. It is, as the cultural endeavors it birthed, an encounter-based approach to understanding. For Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, it was only possible to achieve a “knowing that conform[s] to reality” when the realm of the idea and the realm of experience - the realm of the will - are brought into a dynamic relationship with one another and their mutual illumination leads to individual action. Spiritually viable research always originates in a question arising from an encounter. In this sense, the Center for Contextual Studies is a research collaborative. Its work is always open-ended and limited only by the forces of moral imagination of the participants.