The Ten Theorems Launch

Here are the Ten Theorems! 

It's been quite a delight to try out your submissions and assemble our final list for the November, 2017 Mathematics research colloquium.   You can find The Ten Theorems by selecting the button on the "The Ten Theorem Project" page of this website.  We think there's something here for everyone, from sixth graders to twelfth graders, things with numbers and things with geometry. Now the fun begins!

Exploring the Activity of Learning

We hope that these ten theorems will be a rich subject of inquiry. As you yourself work, and then work with your students to explore one or more of these problems, we invite you to pay close attention to the activity of learning math. Researchers are invited to document and submit their work, and to present their findings in at the research colloquium.


Our research colloquium will take place on the weekend of November 10-12 at the Rudolf Steiner School in New York City. Colleagues are invited to attend as participants or researchers. Researchers will submit a written summary of their research project and make a brief presentation at the colloquium. Researchers pay no conference fee and will receive a modest contribution towards their travel expenses. Participants will come to participate and enjoy!

We plan to periodically post some hints and solutions on this website.   Let us know how it's going!