February 2017 Workshops

As the days grow shorter, and the weather colder, at CCS we are planning back-to-back events for the week of February 18-25, 2017 at Summerfield Waldorf School, working with these themes:

  •  Finding a new approach to understanding the will
  •  Understanding the relation between science and the birth of the astral body

These events will provide a context for teachers to work together, to focus on what Waldorf education can become and to grapple with the challenges coming towards us as educators.

Freeing the Will:  Engage, Participate, Learn         
6:30 Sat. Feb. 18 – 12:00 Tues. Feb. 21         

Following our 2015 “Breaking the Mold” conference, Florian Osswald and Jon McAlice will return to co-lead a collaborative research initiative.  Renate Lundberg will join us for Eurythmy.  Robin Bliss-Wagner, who provided an experiential focus for our 2016 workshop “Being Present”, will return to take our fire-building skills a step further.  This year, we are asking participants to prepare by observing students in various classrooms, paying particular attention to the moments when things are not going as planned, or when student behavior is unexpected.  The focus is on gaining a better understanding of the role of the will in the learning process.

From Phenomena to Insight IV       
6:30 Tues. Feb. 21 – 12:30 Sat. Feb. 25       

With the 2017 Science Teachers’ Conference, we continue our efforts to support the practice of sense based science in the upper grades and high school.   Wilfried Sommer, Craig Holdrege and Jon McAlice will return to address the transition from middle school to high school, and how the understanding of science can accompany the healthy development of the astral body.  We again invite participants to bring experiments to share in the afternoon sessions.

We have estimated the costs for the conferences and based the fees on those numbers.  Food costs are included in the conference fee and cover snacks, lunch and dinners on the full days.   We have found that the time spent in discussion over meals has been an important aspect of the workshops. Registration and conference details can be found online at www.findingcontext.org.   There is the possibility of paying a lower, scholarship supported fee, which you may select should your situation warrant it.

BACWTT San Francisco Bay Area Waldof Teachers Conference
February 22-24, 2016 from 9:00 to 3:00       
Florian Osswald will also speak at the BACWTT San Francisco Bay Area Waldorf Teachers Conference to be held at the Marin Waldorf School beginning on February 22.  The interconnected themes will support teachers who would like to attend both the Freeing the Will and the BACWTT conferences.