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Transforming the Classroom to Meet New Needs

Register now for this gathering of young colleagues on April 6-8, 2018!

As a new generation of teachers has taken up the task of teaching, we are met with ever changing and new needs from our students. As the world rapidly changes, so does the nature of our classroom and the needs of the students. Many teachers, regardless what discipline and learning environment they come from, are struggling to respond to these new needs. What new capacities are we being asked to develop in order to discern the nature of what our students are truly asking for? How do we respond with insight and clarity? Does the same method that has been used for decades still apply? Is the classroom model itself still the ideal learning space?

We hope, by exploring these questions and looking into student observation practices, we might receive the insights needed to craft the learning environments and methods that truly meet the developmental needs of our students today. Can such practices transform our experiences as teachers from struggling to survive in the classroom to an encounter of harmony, creativity and freedom in the classroom?

We invite you to attend a conference the weekend of April 6th-8th to explore this theme. The conference will be held in the Harlemville NY area from Friday evening to Sunday early afternoon. Although this conference is intended for younger colleagues, anyone, regardless of age and experience, who feels connected to these questions is invited to attend. For more information contact Kristin Buckbee

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